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Cleve Tidwell closes out his campaign

May 25, 2010

About two hours ago I got an email Cleve Tidwell sent out say that he was dropping out of the senate race:

I do want to congratulate Ken Buck and his campaign for a big win and wish him the best in the days ahead. Ken was always a gentleman to me in this race. I also appreciate the professionalism of all the candidates in regards to our relationship.

I had heard earlier that although he received almost 15% of the delegate vote he would not submit petitions; I  couldn’t find the statement in an internet search. I guess when you lose you’re not news.

Although he mentions Ken Buck above, he does not endorse him or any other candidate. He closed with:

I do wish the best to the candidate that ends up representing our party. I especially pray that our party can reunite and get away from the old guard political ways and get on to building a conservative Republican party with strong principles and values to take us forward.

Amen. He may not have been successful but he certainly is a gentleman.

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  1. May 25, 2010 11:18 pm

    A friend of mine sent me that email too, to point out the contrast between his gentlemanly ways and Hurl’s. You should go to the BBQ, and I could live blog about the food.

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