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Obama Fiddles while Oil Spills

May 30, 2010

I had a lot of fun with that headline but of course it isn’t serious.

The idea that anyone in the government–whether it is Obama or Colorado’s own John Salazar–did anything to cause it or can do anything to fix it is pretty silly. Sure the president’s daughter may have asked him whether he fixed it yet, but we ought to be more mature in our understanding.

As usual, the Cato Institute has a very perceptive piece on  the subject called “Do Something, Superpresident!

Maybe he could Nuke that Slick! There’s even a video from Russia Today on how to do it. The irony of getting advice from the former Soviet Union is rich, especially considering the statist tendencies of the present government.

Imagine what the environmentalists would say about that! But that idea was floated around May4 so I’m thinking Mr Hope ‘n’ Change is just going to hope for the best while vacationing in Chicago and then change things so that  the Evil Capitalists never, ever drill for oil again!

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  1. May 30, 2010 10:20 am

    One thing he could and should do is send Ken “el pocho” Salazar packing back to Coloracdo to spend the rest of his life in the private sector. Salazar has proven himself an idiot in every government job he’s held, including his past tenure as an inept Colorado Attorney General.

    Colorado would also be a better venue than Washington for his favorite pastime, playing cowboy dress up games.

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