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Tea Party To Do List

June 11, 2010

OK, we’re off the couches and instead of yelling at the TV, we’ve faxed, phoned, emailed and protested. So far, no joy. Time to take it to the next level.

Someone who I admire is Karin Hoffman of DC Works for Us: another one of those awesome conservative women I mentioned yesterday. Here’s what she said the Tea Parties ought to do:

Those who are compelled to educate, educate.
Those who are compelled to engage in the political process, do so.
Those who are compelled to run for office, run for office.
Those who are compelled to campaign for Constitutional, conservative candidates, campaign.

Each do so with the blessings of the others. We are in this together. This is not a movement dictated by anyone. Do whatever you feel is the most effective effort to save our nation. Cast no aspersions on those who may be compelled differently than you.

America was founded by rugged individualists. Why should we be any different?

Indeed we are not different. I think the biggest surprise the left got in 2009 was the fact that America is still not a nation of sheep. The protests last summer really terrified them and put them off their game. We slowed them down. Now it’s time to start kicking them out.

As individuals now and as groups after the primary, support candidates who truly and demonstrably hold our values of limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free market capitalism. Some are wolves in sheep’s clothing and we must expose them. The political chameleons have figured out what to say to get elected.

Here’s what you do for them: contribute your time and treasure. Walk for them, call for them, contribute to them. Write, print, design, stuff envelopes, send email: whatever they need to have done and whatever you can do. Get involved, stay involved, get others involved. Get them into office and then continue to support them and hold them to their promises. If we don’t win elections, it doesn’t matter.

Again, from Karin:

Politics will make the change. We bring our Principles into Politics. That is how we change our nation. Staying outside of politics for the ‘sake of the movement’ will leave you outside forever. We only have a few short months to right this ship. We need every one of us to pull together to be effective.

We can do this. We must.

  1. donincolorado permalink
    June 13, 2010 5:13 am

    I’m glad to see DC Works and most of the rest of us are on the same page on how to move forward. Each group has people with specific talents and passions. We need to let those individual talents and passions loose.

    We have people walking for candidates of their choice, on street corners doing honk and waves and on the phones. We must put principled people in positions to turn the tide.

    We have people educating the public on our true history with the knowledge that it is only through knowing our true history can we restore the Republic.

    The “movement” is taking on new focus and is growing. There will still be rallies and “Tea Parties,” but the real change is coming in the People being fully engaged. The Progressive extremists have put the framework for the destruction of American values and principles in place. It is up to the People, the real power, to tear that framework down.

    The enemies of individual freedom have reason to be afraid.

  2. June 13, 2010 9:59 am

    You know, Don, I think the key to November is what you said:

    “We must put principled people in positions to turn the tide.”

    I’ll take them from wherever I can find them–Republican, Democrat or Independent, as long as they are Patriots. And you and I know principled Democrats who are working with us.

    I think you have the key for beyond November as well:

    “We have people educating the public on our true history with the knowledge that it is only through knowing our true history can we restore the Republic.”

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