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Views on Illegal Immigration

June 17, 2010

My grandfather immigrated shortly before World War I from what was then the Austrian Empire. Although in the last decade or so of his life he liked to joke that he stowed away, in fact he arrived legally, became a citizen, and worked hard all his life including raising a family through the Great Depression.

He wasn’t welcome. He was part of a large wave of immigration from southern and eastern Europe.

Attitudes aren’t like that these days. The prevailing attitude these days is that immigrants are welcome–as long as they’re legal. That includes respecting our laws. You may have seen this image of an illegal super-highway making the rounds of the internet:

No respect there. A friend whose cousin lives in Arizona commented when asked if this picture was true:

Yes and they shoot at you if you are nearby. It is a war zone and we are fed up with the feds!! They do nothing and the drugs keep coming. Kidnappings, running gun battles, and killings have to stop.

Hence the Arizona immigration law and the resulting outrage from advocates for illegals. (As I write that sentence I am struck with the bizarre nature of it.) The president and his administration, incredibly, have chosen to side with the law-breakers.

But this is all old news. What prompted me to write is the poll released by Rasmussen last Wednesday. He finds that “sixty-four percent (64%) believe the federal government by failing to enforce immigration law is more to blame for the current controversy over Arizona’s new statute than state officials are for passing it. Only 27% blame Arizona officials more for passing the law.”

Even that is not especially surprising. Numerous polls show the majority of Americans support Arizona in its attempt to regain control of its southern border and fight crime in the state. What is ominous, I think, is the fact that “Eighty-one percent (81%) of the Political Class say their views are closer to Obama’s, while 72% of Mainstream voters say they think more like Brewer.”

In other words, there could not be a clearer statement of the fact that the political elites are out of step with the American public–indeed, the attitudes are almost completely the opposite.

The public will have a chance in November to rectify that. 65% already this that’s a good idea.

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  1. arthur krause permalink
    June 18, 2010 3:51 pm

    All who are awake have seen these pictures of arizona being trashed by hordes of illegals. The white house occupant and his street gang have also seen this. Now according to a news flash from out of country (similar to friday releases of all bad news) the injustice dept, protector of panther thugs at voting booths-Nyc trials of misled affection starved detainees at that bastion of horror gitmo. Hey now they want fresh veggies, for illegals before they actually deport them?? Of course they want illegals here they are the only dependable votes they can buy for november. If we don’t have a clean sweep in november I am afraid the vast silent majority will get violent. How did we get here… the american people are trusting.. they never expected a candidate for president to lie his way into the white house.. Obviously now that he’s there he is totally inept at the job at hand.. Vote in november to clean house..

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