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Why are we doing this?

June 18, 2010

Earlier this week I read an editorial in the New York Times by a philosophy professor claiming to understand the Tea Party movement. He made some wrong assumptions and then went on to prove, using Hegel, how the movement was all screwed up and self-contradictory. Well, I understand the Hegelian dialectic as well as the next man and I have to say that it was that ivory tower professor who was all screwed up and self-contradictory. If you can’t get the premise right, you have no hope of the correct conclusion.

What are the Tea Parties really all about? They are about restoring constitutional government in America. Do you believe in the Constitution? Robert Rowland of the Elbert Tea Party does:

Not only do I believe, I also believe that many in America despair and search for a way to save our nation from the path it is on, that the only way back is through the U.S. Constitution. As we focus on individual issues, spending, immigration, environment, free trade, foreign policy, all of which are worthwhile for grassroots patriots, we need to see the bigger picture and demand, fight and use our forces to restore original and uncompromising compliance with the Constitution. The solutions to what is taking us down this path of destruction all lay within the wisdom, direction and words laid down by our fore fathers. I also believe that they were spot on when they declared they had been led to these words and this wisdom by the hand of providence, by God. Our fore fathers and our God still believe in us, and now we need to turn back to this document as was intended by all of them, it is our calling, we must not fail.

Amen, brother! Words perhaps too simple and uncomplicated for a professor of philosophy to understand.

  1. David Satterfield permalink
    June 21, 2010 11:42 am

    I wish that you had identified the writer and given a link to the paper. This would of help those of us who like to read paper to make up our own minds on what the author meant and not your interpretation.


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