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Elbert County Tea Party

June 19, 2010

I was at the Elbert County Tea Party this Saturday, getting signatures for the Freedom From Healthcare petition. It was a great opportunity and we collected around 250 signatures.

Colorado Attorney General Suthers spoke first, explaining how bad Obamacare is: not only for health care in general, but also for the unprecedented intrusion and control in people’s lives. I intend to devote a separate blog post to his talk–it’s that good.

He mentioned that when the attorneys general case reaches the Supreme Court the decision is likely to be 5-4 and the outcome is not certain. That was the perfect lead-in for me, because this petition is about a second line of defense; it is about erecting a state-level barrier to forced health care. The left knows that once they control your health care, they control your life. In Locke’s classic statement of liberty as being composed of life, liberty and property, your “property interest” in your own being is the most basic of all property rights. It did not take them long to assert their right to control you by taxing tanning beds, a fact Rep Steve King mentioned.

L to R: Tom Tancredo, aide and Rep Steve King

Yes, Rep Steve King (IA-5) was there and talked, among other things, about the passing of the health care bill and Republican efforts to stop it. He relayed a story of how Michelle Bachmann decided to call the tea partiers to the capitol to protest; how they went home only to come back within 48 hours. I found the story fascinating as I had been following it at the time from the emails I was getting from the Tea Party Patriots.

Before he spoke, Rep. King spoke to my wife about the petition–apparently this was the first he had heard about it–and spontaneously pulled out a business card and wrote on the back of it: : “I support the petition to Repeal Obama Care!” and signed it. Now that’s not exactly what the petition does–it asserts Colorado’s 10th Amendment rights to block Obamacare–but it’s close enough. We certainly appreciate the sentiment and note that the House Republicans have already introduced a motion to repeal the bill. It failed, of course. This time. I think the Republicans should open every session with such a motion, much as Cato the Elder ended every speech with the phrase, “Carthage must be destroyed.”


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