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How are we going to win?

June 30, 2010

We have the answer. We are the answer.

Our institutions of government are not designed to rule over us and make life care-free; our government is designed simply to free us from the mundane tasks of self-government while we pursue life, liberty and happiness. To win this struggle we have to start by remembering that.

Fellow activist Linda Hoover recently wrote of our task:

I don’t see where we have the same abilities to push back that they have to push us around.  I think a big piece we have to face is that we are out-financed (they have George Soros, all of our tax dollars, you name it), out-muscled, out-infrastructured, out-prepared and otherwise largely sitting ducks for this takeover.

The politicians are all sworn to uphold a corrupt system that is being manipulated with both skill and speed.

As I see it the goal is clear: the river of government has overflowed its banks and flooded the country. It is our job now to control the flooding and put government back within its banks. Maybe the protective levees of the Constitution were not strong enough; maybe they were in disrepair.  Mitigating the damage before all is swept away has to be the first task. 2010 is damage control.

Here’s what the liberty movement is doing, with great success:

  • Articulating broad goals and objectives
  • Supporting and electing candidates who believe in these goals
  • Learning or re-learning the principles of our citizen-led republic
  • Teaching, communicating and organizing

From out of  nowhere in February 2009, today polls show as much as 36% of the population self-describe as tea partiers. We have had tremendous success: That’s a higher percentage than either political party–yet the movement is not and has never claimed to be a political party.

We are not sitting ducks. We were sitting idly by, but not now. They only have power because we gave it to them, temporarily. Either they surrender it peacefully when we ask for it back in November, or they will try to seize it illegally. If they do that, they will cause a civil war which they will surely lose. Either way, we win.

Don’t waste your time and energy hating Barack Obama or trying to figure out where he was born: he is nothing. I have more respect for a dung beetle, which at least performs a useful function. He is neither Messiah nor demi-god; he is merely the end-product of a process of historical development whose end was predicted centuries ago. He and his kind can never succeed because they can never create, they can only destroy.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter very much if they are socialists, Marxists, statists, thugs, or a combination of all of the above. Either way, they’ve got to go.

So stay the course. Continue to organize, to educate, to recruit, to vote. And to pray. As Linda concluded:

Me, I’m going to church this morning, and going to keep asking for a miracle — not from the couch mind you.

In looking back at the Revolution, the Founders believed it was nothing less than Divine Providence that allowed them to prevail against the greatest power of the day. God will again provide a miracle.

We are that miracle.


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