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Stay Focused

July 8, 2010

Forget everything I’ve written in the last two days.

Well, not exactly. As Harry Nilsson wrote in The Point!, “A point in every direction is the same as no point at all.” We must remain focused because the left is using the arguments and issues I discussed as distractions.

“Focus, Daniel-san,” said Mr. Miyagi.The Karate Kid, 1984

Indeed we must. The Tea Party movement is focused with laser-like intensity on fiscal responsibility with the related ideas of limited, constitutional government and free markets. Not the laser-like focus that Obama had on jobs just long enough to appoint big labor leader Andy Stern to lead a government study panel. Whatever became of that effort, anyway? But I digress. We’re so easily led astray….

We must keep our focus on the massive out-of-control spending that is rapidly pushing our economy past the point of no return and the huge government that is being built to run it. That means our focus is on only two things:

  • Throw out the bums who vote for this stuff, regardless of party
  • Replace them with people of integrity who will return us to our Constitutional roots

The left would like to focus on social issues. The Tea Party movement and resurgent conservatives have a variety of opinions on social issues such as abortion and what to do about healthcare and immigration. We don’t agree on everything: we are conservatives after all! Unlike the left, we don’t march in lockstep or goose-step. Those debates are well worth having–later. Now we must maintain focus.

It’s pretty simple. Common sense. You don’t need a Harvard degree to understand it; in fact, I think a Harvard degree inhibits understanding. The left knows this. The left knows that they cannot win on the issues because the majority of Americans don’t agree with them on the issues. They believe in the collective; we believe in the individual. They believe in remaking humans into their ideal of socialist man; we believe in striving to match God’s ideal.

The left is moving to dig up dirt on conservative candidates; we know that human beings are not perfect. Certainly we want the best to represent us. We know that no matter how bad they try to make conservative candidates look, they will be far, far better than anything the left can muster.

If we stay focused we will win. We will win because we value eternal truths while they embrace only the momentary advantage. The leftist Democrat I debated Saturday made fun of Glenn Beck tearing up while talking about these truths. They make fun because they don’t understand, because there is nothing they believe in.

We believe. We will win.

  1. July 8, 2010 1:03 pm


    This is an important and timely post. As a born and raised and long-time resident of California, I could be an expert witness on what happens when the ficon message becomes secondary to social issues. Actually, I’m not really needed as an expert, as the California government scenario for the past 30 years really speaks for itself.

    I can’t even believe the issue comes up in a U.S. Senate debate about whether the government should permit its female subjects to get an abortion in the case of rape. Oh but it does, and takes as much time as the deficit.

    Particularly when we jump into reality and realize that there’s really not all that much that even a US Senator can do on social issues, even social issue fanatics need to realize that the economy is so far in front the numero uno issue, it’s ridiculous. Then again, maybe some of these fanatics are pure statists who really are not fiscal conservatives.

    Colorado Dems are chomping at the bit to hit on the social issues in the general. The smart GOPs are deflecting same as being of limited relevance to what legislators actually can vote on, or the Governor can have any control over. All true conservatives should recognize this point. And if you’re not a fiscal conservative, sign up with the Dems or get out of the way.

  2. July 9, 2010 7:50 am

    You are so right! I didn’t think about it at first, but I’m now realizing what a close relationship there is between fiscal conservatism and limited government.

    Let society worry about social issues and let different parts of society arrange their social issues as they see fit; keep the heavy hand of government out of it.

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