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Western Conservative Summit

July 13, 2010

This past weekend I attended the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, sponsored by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. There’s already plenty of reporting about the event so it would be pointless to repeat simply what happened. Just google the event.

What is a little more interesting is how the event is reported. By now the obvious bias in the media is a byword but how exactly is it done? What makes it biased? Let’s look at the headlines:

From the Denver Post, in the Denver and the West section, the headline reads:

First Western Conservative Summit draws a crowd to Littleton with Tom Tancredo, Michelle Malkin

Tom Tancredo wasn’t even a keynote speaker–Michele Bachmann was and Dick Morris closed out the event on Sunday. But the liberal media in Colorado love to hate Tancredo so I guess the fact that he showed up Saturday was significant to them. The first line of the article is equally perceptive:

The Marriott Hotel South in Littleton is not a place to find liberals this weekend.

Really Bianca Davis? What was your first clue? She went on to describe a little bit the speeches of Tancredo and Malkin. Michelle Malkin gave a powerful story about being discriminated against by the left, describing her assignment to Asia House upon attending Oberlin College, accusing the left of a “plantation mentality.” I think Bianca missed that part too. In fact, the report reads as though she dropped in for lunch and a couple of speeches, took some notes and left.

But to be honest, that was good reporting compared to the Denver Post opinion page, which blasts the conference on 8 July–two days before anyone said anything. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your reportage, DP.

Michele Bachmann in DenverKevin Diaz of the Minnesota Star-Ledger was content to re-post comments originally written about Michele Bachmann by the Colorado Independent and run an old stock photo of her wearing something brown. How do I know it’s old? Here’s her photo Friday evening: I’d say not brown but Gadsden yellow.

It was a keynote: meant to highlight and set the tone for the conference. It was entertainment and I was both entertained and energized. She’s no intellectual lightweight and she quoted the Founders, encouraging us to immerse ourselves in their writings.

So if you want to read about what was said instead of the usual tired rant about how conservatives and Republicans–by the way, there not exactly the same thing–are obstructing the progressive Road to Serfdom, here’s some places you can go:

You don’t need the formerly mainstream media any more. They can rant to their echo chamber all they want; you can see and hear the truth for yourself.

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