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Dan Maes for Governor!

July 17, 2010

I am pleased to have Don Rodger’s permission to post a slightly edited version of what he wrote in support of Dan Maes as the GOP gubernatorial candidate. I’ll have something to say on this topic as well, but Don says it very well indeed:

Rasmussen has Hickenlooper and Maes within 2%, hardly “tanking”  in the polls or proof that he “blew it”. Many have accepted the error in [campaign finance] reporting for what it was, those that haven’t frankly can’t get behind him because they have another guy they still want to slip in the back door.

Maes can win, if the machine gets behind him. He already has all the motivated foot soldiers he needs as evidenced by him beating McInnis at State Assembly. Interestingly, the machine has been broke for a while now, losing Colorado, and can’t seem to cope or bring itself to rally behind the guy who won the top block because he doesn’t fit the broken model. Instead of getting behind him, people are struggling to knock him out. A self described “paid special case” obviously has an agenda of some kind that, if anyone really cares about, will be clear later and many serious people are just running around with their hair on fire over the “trouble” they find themselves in.
On Aug 11, the smoke will have cleared and maybe everyone’s hair will have been put out too. If Dan wins, the choice is yours: Get behind him and win or don’t and give Colorado to the Progressive extremists just waiting to turn us over to Washington. If he loses to McInnis the choice is, as the GOP was fond of asking in the Clinton years, “does character matter?” because that will be the argument against and is a conversation people should be having. Does McInnis then step down? If that’s the plan, he should today as it would be a slap to everyone who worked for him and really make the Party look horrible to many going into November.
The Party is at a cross roads with a lot of people energized for the first time in many years, if not for the first time ever. For many of those, this isn’t just politics, but a fight for the future of the Republic. Many came back to the GOP as it seemed to be the best place to fight back. The party can get itself together and show some unity; those in a position of leadership can start showing some real leadership and move forward or it can continue to flounder, lose the thousands that have come back to the Party to fight what they see as a real threat to their children’s futures, and slip back into barely holding on to the 31% that call themselves GOP.

This isn’t just politics anymore, but too many seem willing to play the old game. Do that at our peril.

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  1. robt southwell permalink
    July 17, 2010 2:09 pm

    I believe this is the first piece I’ve read about Maes that doesn’t mention his Tea Party bona fides.

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