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The Invisible Candidate

July 23, 2010

We’ve had the Joe G the Stealth Candidate and in this most unusual of election years I got a robo-call tonight from the Invisible Candidate, Walker Stapleton.

He’s apparently running for State Treasurer but it’s hard to tell because I’ve never seen him. That shouldn’t be surprising as his Secretary of State filings from January through 1 June show no travel expenses other than a bit of mileage to a campaign consultancy in Denver.

At the candidate debate at Mr Biggs’ in March, he sent a stand-in to deliver a few words on his behalf. Too bad: he missed a lively debate between JJ Ament and Ali Hasan. Same for the El Paso County Assembly. He bypassed the State Assembly as well, apparently preferring the petition process to organizing any grassroots party support. His campaign finance reporting shows he used Kennedy’s petition services, as did Norton Gschwendtner. He seems to have gotten good value for money from them as his petition was successful and nothing was newsworthy about it.

He’s collected over $473,000 to the last filing on 7/14 and spent a little over $381,000 of it. It seems like a lot of money to me. I’ve been hearing his campaign ads on the radio claiming that since he runs a public company with shareholders therefore he is best suited to be treasurer. I’m not sure if I understand the logic behind that. It might be nice to hear him speak or at least know what he looks like.

I have not met any activist who supports him or even knows him; one person I talked to says that the name “Walker” comes from his relation to the Walker family that includes George Herbert Walker Bush.

I’ve been impressed by how approachable, friendly and responsive our candidates for office have generally been. I’ve been easily able to meet and talk to all the other candidates for statewide office. Does Stapleton think it’s a good idea to avoid public contact? Does he, like Joe G, think that he can buy an election? Why did he choose to bypass the rest of the primary process? Why does he want to run in the first place?

I am done with politicians I don’t know. I want honest people of principle and I’m going to look them straight in the eye and ask them questions. No one I haven’t met gets my vote.

I’m voting for JJ Ament for State Treasurer. He’s a man of principle I can get behind.

  1. Val permalink
    August 2, 2010 7:19 pm

    I appreciate your opinion. Stapleton has been very, very scarce. Ament has worked hard and always shows up.


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