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The Blueprint is Alive and Well

July 29, 2010
Just when I thought the craziness in the GOP primary had reached its limits, I learn about the left’s attempt to knock a conservative Republican candidate out. This is the same Blueprint that the left used so successfully in Colorado in 2006 and 2008.
Dean Boehler is a conservative running for Senate District 6 against Ellen Roberts, a self-described moderate who votes extremely liberal. She’s pro-choice and has earned a 100% rating from NARAL, the pro-abortion group and tied for second highest rating as a Republican by the ACLU. She also voted for SB 1365, which puts cap-and-trade like regulations on Colorado’s coal industry.
Dean, on the other hand, is a pro-life social conservative who is for small government, fiscal responsibility, the 2nd Amendment, and state’s rights. See it all on his web site. Like most grass-roots candidates this year Dean is not a career politician; in fact, this is the first time he’s run for office. He’s been in law enforcement and a small business owner. He told me that he and his wife spent time in Moscow working with orphanages. He said that it showed him the aftermath of socialism and that although he’d always been conservative, this really brought home for him how socialism destroys lives.
Starting his campaign less than three weeks from the district assembly, Dean managed to take 66% of the vote–just a few votes short of keeping Roberts off the ballot altogether.

Enter Democratic 527s with three mailers targeting Dean and the Tea Parties as “too conservative for Colorado.” You can read all about it on Ben DeGrow’s blog . Because they know Dean will be a conservative voice in the Colorado senate, they want to take him out in the primary. That’s how the Blueprint works.

It’s up to us, however, to defeat The Blueprint. Dean has a grassroots team that is working hard to make personal calls to every one of the 22,000 Republican voters in his district. But he needs money as well for radio spots and a mailer. He has the support of Sen Bill Armstrong, and State Sens Kevin Lundberg and Dave Schultheis.

He needs our support as well. As with all fiscal conservatives, a little bit will go a long way. Please do this:

1. Read all about Dean
2. Contribute to his campaign. You can donate up to $400 per person.
3. Spread the word.

Time is short. They’re working hard in District 6 but they need help. Tear up the Blueprint.


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