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Rep. Kent Lambert Endorses Dan Maes

August 6, 2010

State Rep Kent Lambert today endorsed Dan Maes for Governor. His statement:

“I endorse Dan Maes to be the Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado.  Dan convinced the majority of elected Republican State Convention delegates that he should be their candidate for Governor.  He is now earning strong grassroots support among conservative Republican voters all across Colorado, and is very likely to win our Republican Primary election on August 10.  Although he is not a career politician — or maybe because he is not a career politician — many Republicans trust Dan Maes to serve them well because he is committed to represent their core principles, including a balanced budget without increasing taxes.  As a future Senator, I know Dan will be a Governor I will be able to work with to pass tough laws to limit government growth, and to protect the individual liberties of our citizens.  I encourage all Colorado Republicans to support Dan Maes, and to work together to assure his victory in November.”

Kent has been a strong conservative voice in the House and is running for the Colorado Senate. Above, Kent attended a honk-and-wave for Ken Buck this morning.

(photo courtesy Jimmie Butler)

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  1. donincolorado permalink
    August 6, 2010 6:33 pm

    An endorsment not lightly given. Dan now has the backing of two of the finest conservatives in Colorado state government.

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