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On the Border

August 22, 2010
Fence & Flags

Border Fence near Naco, AZ


I spent the latter half of this week with the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) on a fact-finding trip to Arizona. On Wednesday the Colorado legislators met with Arizona legislators on a wide variety of issues. I joined the group on Thursday for discussions with ranchers and concerned citizens and to view for ourselves the border. We worked through Saturday.  

We learned a lot and I will be writing about it for some time to come. To deliver the conclusions first: nothing the press has told you about the border problem or the Arizona 1070 law is true. Nothing. The problem of illegal immigration and the border is complex. Neither of these conclusion should surprise.  The good news is that with a moderate amount of resources–and above all, commitment–the problem can be solved.  

In the coming days and weeks I’ll support those statements with facts. The solutions are not coming from Washington: in the best American tradition, they are coming from some very smart and dedicated citizens. I met ranchers whose families have been ranching on the border for four generations and who are being driven from their homes; people dedicated to patrolling the border and smuggling routes on their own initiative and at their own expense. These people are dedicated, kind, generous, common-sense and patriotic. They are doing their best to solve problems the government refuses to tackle. They are not famous or wealthy but they possess a strength of spirit that the famous and wealthy all too often lack. They work against seemingly insurmountable odds to save our country for their children and grandchildren–and they will succeed, especially if we recognize the real problems and help them. They truly deserve our support.  

Washington is nothing; the People are everything.  

(Heading photo: the 18-foot high border fence near Naco, Arizona, the best style of fence along the border. The small flags are from people throughout the United States who support the activities of the American Border Patrol.)
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  1. August 23, 2010 10:57 am

    “Washington is nothing; the People are everything”.
    Al, if more people thought that way, we’d be a lot closer to solving a whole host of problems Washington only makes worse.

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