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DoD Upholds Voting Rights for Colorado’s Military

August 30, 2010

According to Fox News reporting, “The Department of Defense announced Friday that it was denying four states’ requests to waive requirements of a law intended to protect the voting rights of military personnel overseas…”

Colorado is one of them.

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act is part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010…I know, Congress doesn’t work cleanly so we have an act within an act. The law mandates that overseas voters have their ballots at least 45 days before this fall’s election–but allows states to request a waiver.

That’s exactly what Colorado’s Secretary of State Bernie Buescher did. He felt the deadline of September 18 was too soon; the primary was August 10, which ought to be plenty of time. The DoD certainly thought so.

He said that the state applied for a waiver because he wanted to ensure accuracy in the state’s elections process.  Right. In addition to this attempt to delay sending ballots to our military stationed overseas, he was the author of the awful HB10-0917 which he tried sneak in toward the end of this year’s legislative session. That bill, which I wrote about on April 5th, would have mandated all Colorado elections be held via mail-in ballot–a method rife with fraud. He lied, initially saying that it had been pre-coordinated with the Clerk and Recorders Association when in fact they learned about it at the same time as the public. Fortunately it was opposed by legislators, the Clerk and Recorders and citizens and died.

Buescher, Terrence Carroll (who introduced the bill), and Ritter (who didn't get to sign it)

Bernie Buescher is one progressive who has to go. Buescher was never elected Secretary of State–he was appointed by the Ritter to fill the remainder of Mike Coffmann’s term.  The George Soros’ Secretary of State project is funding him this year. He was first elected a legislator with the help of the Gang of Four. He’s just another Democrat lawyer appointed for his reliability in supporting the socialist agenda.

Fortunately, we have a great alternative in Scott Gessler. Unlike Bernie, Scott actually has a background in election law. Check out his web site: he’s written about everything I have in this area and in greater detail.

Support him any way you can, contribute to his campaign, and vote for Scott in November. Let’s return honesty and fairness to Colorado elections.

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  1. August 30, 2010 7:59 pm

    On my original post I wrote that Buescher was elected in 2008. I was mistaken. Reader and fellow blogger Laura Victoria pointed out to me that Ritter appointed him to fill the vacancy created by Mike Coffmann’s election to the U.S. House.

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