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Support the candidates who support our values

September 7, 2010

The title was my concluding thought in my June 8 post, Tea Party Endorsements. The post was about whether Tea Party groups should endorse candidates or not. They should.

That post continues to get a lot of hits. In fact, if you google the phrase that post, via the Peoples Press Collective, comes up in the top ten results. Why?

It turns out that it is not about my brilliant reasoning on whether Tea Parties should or should not endorse candidates; it’s because people are looking for the actual endorsements!

You see, I’m learning that political endorsements among politicians is most often all about who is friends with who: you endorse me, I’ll endorse you. There are exceptions, of course, but it is often a game of collecting the most endorsements.

Among issue-oriented organizations the endorsement is all about the narrow issue. Thus, the NRA was leaning toward endorsing Harry Reid because of his pro-Second Amendment stand. Facing massive blowback from its membership, the NRA withheld that endorsement citing Reid’s support of the very anti-Second Amendment Kagan for the Supreme Court.

I think Tea Party endorsements are endorsements of a third kind. The Tea Parties are not about personalities or issues and they’re certainly not about party. They are  solely about values. Tea Party values are clear: limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. Implicit in all that is personal responsibility. Four core values. The 9-12 groups have their own set of principles and values; they don’t endorse you, you endorse their values.

Tea Party endorsements are important because they say that a candidate supports these core American values. I do that research for the candidates I endorse on my Candidates page. I think it is important that we make these endorsements because not everyone has the time or resources to do it for themselves. The establishment media frankly does not look favorably on us. Politicians lie. The truth is out there but is not always easy to find.

It is vital that we support the candidates who support our values in other tangible ways. Spread the word, walk the precincts, make the calls, donate as much as you can. Supporting our candidates means pushing as hard as you can to get them elected so that they can serve the people.


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