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Announcing Reclaim the Blue Radio!

September 8, 2010

If you read this blog regularly you may have noticed I’ve been blogging a little less lately. That’s not because there’s less to write about but because I’m gearing up for Reclaim the Blue Radio.

Starting September 18, I’ll have a show on KZNT 1460 Saturdays at 9am.

This medium will help to get the ideas of Liberty and the ideals of the Tea Party movement to a broader audience. We’ll cover the movement and what’s really happening in Colorado and the country from the perspective of the participants.

This is a viewpoint you won’t get from the media establishment, even from the conservative talk radio establishment who are more concerned with generating controversy and ratings than with telling the simple truths about issues we care about.

I have planned interviews with local and state activists, candidates, and even some big names you’ll recognize. Some of the topics we have planned include illegal immigration, health care, nullification, state budget, and book reviews.

As I put this together, I’m still accepting sponsorships so please contact me if interested.

And look for a new, expanded web site where we’ll feature the radio content as well as the blogs and expanded resources for the Compleat Liberty Activist. The next stage of the Revolution has begun!


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