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A few Socialists Marching together

October 4, 2010

That’s what they should have called Saturday’s march on DC. The Marooned in Marin blog has quite a few pictures. Be sure to look at the comments, too.

A very interesting “rally,” and one that makes stark contrast to the Tea Party rallies in DC over the past year and a half. Consider:

  • Tea Party activists ALL came at their own expense; these were all bussed in by the organizers
  • Tea Party activists made and carried their own signs; many of these carried union-made signs
  • Tea Party activists bought their own food–which local establishments appreciated; these were given boxed lunches
  • Tea Party activists wore what they wanted; these wore union-supplied T-shirts
  • Tea Party activists were organized by thousands of local groups and hosted by a few national organizations; these were organized by about 200 radical left-wing groups and labor unions.

And most noticeably:

  • Tea Party activists packed out every single piece of trash they generated; these left it for others to deal with, including even those free box lunches.

Nothing he left has done since 2008 could have drawn the distinction between the ordinary hard-working Americans who make up the Liberty movement and the freeloaders who want something for nothing–and want to remake America to get it.

Socialism didn’t work in the Plymouth and Jamestown colonies nor anywhere else it has been tried. When you give people something or nothing they don’t appreciate it–like the free box lunches. All they do is complain about what’s in the sandwich. Or else they use the gift in a way not intended by the giver: like those union-bussed people who used their free ticket to DC to go to the museums instead of the rally.

Then there are the numbers. They said there would be two million people there, implying they do know the true number at the 9-12-09 rally even if they won’t admit it publicly. There weren’t. There’s a fascinating picture on the One Nation website which makes it look as though the mall was crowded: but if you look carefully, the “people” in the pic are just gray squiggles. Not people at all! There’s a whole essay in the comparison to the grayness of life in the Soviet Union but that’s one for another time.


Here finally we see what Nancy Pelosi means when she says “Astroturf.” Fake protesters organized by a central authority behind the scenes bankrolling it all. That she’s called the Tea Parties astroturf says a whole lot more about her than about us.


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