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Doug Hoffman Withdraws

October 6, 2010

Yesterday I got an email from the Hoffman campaign announcing that Doug was resigning from the race for NY-23.

If you’ve been following the saga of upstate New York, Hoffman–who had been strongly supported by the Tea Party movement last year–lost the Republican primary this year to Matt Doheny another political newcomer in a very close election. Hoffman then chose to run on the Conservative Party ticket as he did in 2009. You may remember from that three-way race that a candidate in New York can run on more than one party ticket.

Now, however, Hoffman has made the difficult decision to withdraw completely to avoid splitting the conservative vote and giving Democrat Bill Owens, last year’s special election winner, another two years. It was a gutsy and principled, yet difficult decision. Doug writes:

If we truly believe in advancing this movement and reclaiming Congress and our nation, we must all make sacrifices and set aside our egos and our personal dreams. This was true when a group of patriots founded our nation in 1776 and it remains true today.

In every case this year when a third candidate has backed out for the good of the country, it has been the grassroots, Tea Party candidate. Establishment Republicans like Crist, Murkowski, possibly Castle, Tancredo and others have clung to their own egos and political careers above party and country. They set up three-way races that are the salvation of their liberal leftist Democrat opponents.

They have shown their true colors and we will not forget. A recent poll shows 71% of Republicans support Tea Party values and candidates.

Doug Hoffman has shown his true colors as well: He is a true patriot.


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