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Fake Tea Party and More Nonsense

October 20, 2010

It is clear in the closing days of this election cycle that the socialist left (aka the “Democrats”) are getting increasingly unhinged. Some snippets from recent news:

  • In Nevada, the fake Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian is being supported by a pro-Reid group in the hopes that the 5% he’s polling will make the difference in the election outcome. I’ve written about that Trojan Horse as early as March 1; by now no one should be fooled. Can Reid sink any lower? Can Nevadans with 14% unemployment really vote for him?
  • In Illinois, Democrat Giannoulias running for the senate seat that Barack Obama briefly (and lightly) occupied, is trying to slam Republican Mark Kirk about Kirk’s military service record. Trouble is, Giannoulias himself has never served. Pure Alinsky: make the opponent live up to his ideals even if you don’t have any.
  • In Colorado, the same outrageous tactic: Democrat John Morse, who has never served, claims Republican Owen Hill does not favor veterans. Huh? Is Morse smoking some medical marijuana?

The examples, as they say, are legion. The left is falling back on the Alinsky playbook because they have nothing else. They cannot run on their wildly unpopular policies so they turn to the politics of personal destruction. Note to Republicans: if they’re not trying to destroy you, you’re not enough of a threat. Try harder!

My favorite so far this week comes from Michael Gerson at the Washington Post in an opinion piece called Obama the Snob. We’ve probably all seen the blue and red Obama poster with the word Hope replaced by the word Snob. Since he often seems to have his nose in the air, it fits. I think Gerson hit the nail on the head. As I read the article I remembered reading that inside the 2008 campaign, opponents were generally and commonly referred to as “the bitter people.” And just last night I met a man who knew Obama from law school. His impression: that the man was an intellectual snob. If you disagree with Obama’s policies, you’re stupid; if you’re not out there actively supporting them, you’re lazy. Way to slam the people you work for!

Running from their voting record, pretending to be fiscal conservatives, distancing themselves from the Democratic leadership: this is the “campaign strategy” of the left. But they can’t hide. And as the tax hikes and insurance rate increases begin to kick in, it is impossible to forget.

Folks, we’ve been waiting for this day for two years. Justice will be served. Make certain that you are a part of this historic vote!

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