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Never Forget!

October 21, 2010

There are some things in our national history we should never forget. Some of these events were good; others woke us out of our lethargy and forced us to take notice.

Pearl Harbor. 9/11/01. Santelli’s Rant.

That last wasn’t as dramatic as the two unprovoked attacks on American soil but it did point to the attack on the American way of life.

TARP. Stimulus. Health care. It’s Official: Obama Has Now Borrowed $3 trillion. This from the man who campaigned that $500 billion was too big a deficit.

The health care bill was rammed through despite the people’s opposition and literally in the middle of the night. There has never been less than an absolute majority of the people who want the bill repealed. We are already seeing the negative effects as companies drop coverage and insurance companies raise rates and the Department of Health and Human Services begins telling us what to eat.

These are the things that woke us up to the fact that the government has overstepped it’s Constitutional bounds. There have been more constant reminders: the trashing and name-calling of the Tea Party movement by those elites who think they know better than the American people.

Today a poll by Rasmussen reports that a  majority of the American people oppose the reelection of anyone who voted for the healthcare law, the auto bailouts or the stimulus plan. I referenced a list of those House members yesterday. Of course, those voters are not evenly distributed across the nation and gerrymandering will protect some incumbents.

But for the rest: throw the bums out! Never forget why we started protesting and what we can peacefully do to bring this insanity to an end. We’ve been waiting for this moment for almost two years. In what other nation on Earth would the populace be so patient? Not Greece; not France.

Vote on or before November 2nd. Then party like it’s 1775!

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  1. October 21, 2010 2:02 pm

    throw the bums out!

    Hear! Hear! I joyfully voted against John Salazar (for Scott Tipton) and mailed it in Monday. I don’t know about all the races, but I think John is going to get fired.

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