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Udall Gets the Memo

November 18, 2010

No, not the one from the taxpayers and voters but the one from the White House.

On November 10, just before Veteran’s Day, I got an email from Sen Udall. No, not about Veteran’s Day. Instead, he took this opportunity to tell me that

As Congress shifts back into gear, my sights are focused on Coloradans’ priorities: creating jobs and speeding our economic recovery. My first goal as Senator has been to help our state’s economy rebound…

With a net loss of over 107,000 jobs in this state since he took office can he actually believe that we believe this is a priority for him? Suspending disbelief, I read on:

I truly believe that the best ideas aren’t Democratic ideas or Republican ideas, they’re Colorado ideas. They’re American ideas. The best ideas come from you – the experts on the needs and demands in our communities.

All right! Rebuild coal and natural gas, get out of the way of small business, repeal the Dirty Dozen. Wait. As a U.S. senator, he can’t really do that. Not to worry, he’s on the right track. And there ends his letter. Under his signature, more like a postscript, are the important clean energy job recommendations he’s gotten. You read that right: the only jobs he’s actually concerned about are the mythical clean energy jobs. Here are a few in the words of their proponents:

  • I strongly believe that there is a huge potential for job creation and saving federal tax dollars in removing the recently killed pine trees and converting the wood into low emission pellets to heat homes across the country….Please let me know what you think of this idea, as I have been thinking about this for several years. [Recent…several years. Uh-huh. The trees are already sold for firewood or lumber.]
  • I believe a Clean Energy Tax Credit should be created to help clean energy careers in Colorado, to assist displaced professionals in re-tooling themselves into management leaders in this quickly evolving arena! [Great–another tax credit for clean energy–this time management jobs]
  • …those of us in your district who work in the renewable energy business of extending the 1603 Grant. As you know, if the grant is not extended, it is going to be a huge hit to our businesses. I have an idea for an alternative if the grant cannot be extended, which is making the solar tax credit for businesses transferrable…[Wouldn’t want to lose those tax credits, now would we?]
  • I would like to see a program teaming “green” energy with Dept. of Agriculture to provide funding for wind and solar turbines…

What do these and all the other job creation ideas in his letter have in common? Regular readers of this blog will know the answer immediately: they rely on government subsidies. It’s government using its power to redistribute wealth.

Government cannot create jobs. Looks like Sen Udall didn’t get that memo.

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  1. November 18, 2010 1:15 pm

    I think his getting an overdue brow wax would save a lot of energy.
    All that wind power stopped in its tracks once it hits that forest of his. Yuck!

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