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Hands Off Our Gardens!

November 20, 2010

The lame-duck Senate is considering a bill to give the FDA additional authority to control how we all grow our crops and gives them the authority to shut down any operations they choose. Will these socialists stop at nothing to control every aspect of our lives?

Called the “Food Safety Modernization Act,” SB 510 is moving through the Senate now. The excuse for it is the salmonella scare of last summer. But the FDA already has more than enough authority. Rather than repeat what has already been written, I refer you to where Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks has posted the alert.

It has also been reported in the Wall Street Journal. In short, the federal already has enough authority it did not use properly and so the Obama administration statists feel the solution is to give them more. It is an egregious overreach even worse than Wickard v Filburn, the 1942 Supreme Court decision that created the right of the federal government to control just about any commercial production.

Once you’ve read the article–or even before, if you’ve heard of this already–go to FreedomWorks and send letters to your elected representatives.

This dangerous assault on our liberties has gotten shockingly little attention. We knew they would try things in this lame duck session that they will not be able to do after January: it is not massive, high-profile bills they are working on, but rather attempting to sneak through small but far-reaching legislation.

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  1. Don permalink
    November 30, 2010 7:31 pm

    The “them” in this case included many GOP Senators and many in the House when they approved it last summer. This is something that must be tracked on its impacts on food prices and whatever else comes of this. Responsibility for any disaster caused by this must be placed at the feet of all who caused it either GOP or Progressive Socalist.

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