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Another Insult to the American People

December 16, 2010

The way Harry Reid is ramming a massive, almost 3,000-page bill through the Senate is another insult to the American people who repudiated the Democrat Party’s policies in November. Holding the Senate in session until and maybe past Christmas is a reminder of Christmas Eve last year, when the Senate rammed through Obamacare.

It is awful in so many ways:

  • The original deal–extension of tax cuts for all Americans at the cost of extended unemployment benefits–pleased no one, but was much better than the pork-laden trillion-plus spending bill that emerged today.
  • What is even harder to swallow is the number of Republican senators who voted for it. All they had to do was fillibuster and it would have been over. In January, they can make a whole new deal. Instead, sore losers like Bennett of Utah get one more chance to stick it to the people who voted him out.

Heritage Foundation said this morning that the senate should call Harry’s bluff. Indeed they should have. But now he will attempt to enact the entire socialist agenda between now and January 4th, DREAM act and all, tying the hands of the 112th Congress as much as he can.

It is no wonder Gallup recorded the lowest approval rating for Congress ever, at just 13%. Further, Congress rates the lowest of sixteen institutions Gallup asked about, rating even higher than the HMOs that the left loves to bash. When things get this dysfunctional in business, leaders dissolve the organization and start over. In Congress, the voters voted them out–but allowed them to come back for a lame duck session. Why?

When ordinary Americans are finished celebrating the holidays, they will find that Harry the Grinch has stolen the country.


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