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Judicial Emergency Solved!

December 23, 2010

Whew! That was close. Sen. Mark Udall sent an email today that was headlined: “Judicial Emergency in Colorado’s Federal Courts.” Ironically, Thunderbird marked it “This message may be a scam.”

In the email, the senator congratulates himself on getting attorney Bill Martinez appointed to a vacant U.S. District Court judgeship in Denver. He writes that:

Senator Bennet and I recommended Bill for the bench almost two years ago on the advice of a bipartisan advisory committee, which was chaired by prominent legal experts in Colorado.

If you have followed Clear the Bench Colorado, you know how those “bipartisan advisory committees” work. The Denver Post reports that Mr. Martinez was nominated by the president for the position only this February. But no matter: “the obstruction directly hurt the people of Colorado” according to Udall. Somehow, I don’t feel hurt, but Udall enlightens me as to why I should

Five judges in Colorado have been handling the work of seven for nearly two years, and it has been over three years since the court had a full roster.

When I worked in industry and we had a round of layoffs, I was called on to do the work formerly done by three people. Permanently. In the case of the judgeships, there were retirements.  In the real world outside of government, when five do the work of seven for that long a period of time, it is clear that the other two positions are not needed.

These guys–Bennett and Udall–have a short memory but I don’t. I remember the huge number of federal judgeships that were open because the Democratic senate refused to confirm Reagan’s nominees. I remember real epic battles for Judge Bork and the shameful perjury of Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas.

Bill Martinez specialized in employment and civil rights law and is a former regional attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He also has worked for the ACLU, which is why Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has reservations about him. All but two Republican senators voted no.  (I suggest you read the well-written article in the Denver Post referenced above for more on this subject.)

Sen. Sessions is a better senator for the citizens of Colorado than the two leftists Udall and Bennett.

What we really have here is the Democratic lawyer Udall helping to get Democratic lawyer Martinez a job. For decades, the federal judicial system has been filled with Democratic lawyers legislating from the bench. The result is Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and many more waiting in the wings. What the left has not been able to get enacted into law via the legislatures they have back-doored in via the courts. Yet as our own Clear the Bench Colorado the parallel effort in Iowa shows is that judges are not immune and legislatures can overrule the courts.

In 2010, the Liberty movement expended a huge effort to win back  the U.S. House. In 2012, we will complete the job in the senate and hopefully take the presidency as well. But the job will never be over not secure until we can reclaim the judiciary for the Constitution.


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