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Look who’s on the radio!

December 30, 2010

Tom Tancredo, failed candidate for president in 2008 and governor in 2010, joins the ranks of political has-beens cum radio talk show hosts. It should come as no surprise, as Tancredo has subbed before for his good friend Peter Boyles on AM 630 in Denver.

This show will be on KVOR in Colorado Springs. Tom’s press release, titled “Tancredo Keeps Movement Going,” tells us we’re lucky to have him:

“Tea Party Radio with Tom Tancredo” will translate to an audience that’s searching for answers.

His “signature issue” is still immigration, he writes, but he also claims to be a a solid fiscal and social conservative and interested in the threat of radical Islam and “what he calls the “Cult of Multiculturalism.”” I’m not sure how his stand on legalizing drugs squares with his social conservative views, but I guess we’ll find out.

A nice set-up but as one who has hosted a Tea Party, liberty-oriented radio show, I have two problems with it.

First, former Republican, former ACP candidate Tancredo has no bona fides with the Tea Party movement. Never been active in the movement like, say, Mike Pence or Michelle Bachmann. As a US Congressman from 1998-2008 one might well say he is part of the problem in Washington. By switching parties and shoe-horning his way into the governor’s race at the last minute, he ensured Hickenlooper’s victory. Out of the box thinking to be sure–but not the kind that will slow the statist agenda of the left.

Second, his list of issues betray a fundamental lack of understanding of what the Liberty movement is all about. Strictly speaking, we’re not about social issues at all. It’s a misunderstanding that is, well, understandable if all you listen to is the leftist media who play to the fears of social liberals and moderates. They say the Tea Party is going to impose socially conservative values on the country. Not true. Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, and a strong sense of individual responsibility are the core values of the Tea Party movement. Are social and other issues important? Sure. Focus of the Tea Parties? No.

Tancredo is a bomb-thrower and his style will make interesting “Tancradio,” as he calls it.

Interesting, yes; Tea Party, no.

  1. January 2, 2011 11:20 am

    Tom Tancredo is the political machine candidate. He is NOT the candidate of or for the people. What a lying, low-life scum-bag to don the robes of the Tea Party and call himself the Tea Party Candidate. Tancredo is the professional politician. Politics has been his business since he graduated college in 1969, waving the bloody flag but dodging the draft (letting another Colorado boy serve in Viet Nam in his place). Tancredo and his politics is the problem. He is in the race for what power and benefit he can put in his own coffers. This bum will simply not go away. Tancredo has NEVER kept his word with the people he was supposed to represent. He has no clue about the biggest problem, THE ECONOMY. He clearly does not get it, just as neither do most of the people now in office. America’s eroded manufacturing base is why we have 10-percent unemployment. He stays focused on illegal immegration while the biggest problem is the wholesale sell-off of America’s production of tangible goods, and American jobs and the economy with it. We have a third war on our southern border, the drug war, yet Tancredo is worried more about illegal aliens. The man is just plain stupid! But most importantly, Tancredo cannot be trusted! He will betray his own mother to get elected.

  2. January 3, 2011 3:24 pm

    During the campaign, TT was visiting as many Tea Party meetings as he could,then following the backdoor announcement revealing his real motivation, some still welcomed him and many did not. At no time did TT contribute anything that would qualify him to call himself a representative or spokesman of the liberty movement. Whatever TT is, a Tea Party, 912 or liberty movement activist he is not. It’s one thing to find a radio station that will give him a spot, for that I do not fault him, but to do so with this false claim of being our spokesman shows once more this a man to be avoided and a man who cannot be trusted.

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