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New Year, New Directions

January 2, 2011

I look forward to the new year with a guarded sense of optimism. We’ve put the U.S. House on the right path. The U.S. Senate, which changes more slowly by design, moved in the right direction though not as far as we might have liked. The goal for 2010 was to put a finger in the dike of government to forestall the rushing wave of socialist transformation that was offered up as “hope and change.” As a country we learned that hope is not a plan and change isn’t all for the better. Ironically, I first heard that from a college student talking on the phone at the airport ahead of the 2008 election. In liberal Seattle, no less.

Still, there is every opportunity to believe that we will be able to move forward on a positive agenda of fiscal responsibility and limiting government. As much as we want? No. We didn’t get in this position over night and one election isn’t going to right the ship of state. I am often reminded of Winston Churchill’s “end of the beginning” speech after the victory at El Alamein: there was still a long, hard slog to victory in 1945. October 1943 was the high water mark of Nazi conquest; I hope that history will record that October 2010 was the high water mark of socialism in this country.

What do we need to do this year to capitalize on the victory of November? In golf, a good swing needs follow-through for a good drive; in political and military conflict, victories need follow-through as well to maximize the impact. This month I’m giving a series of talks to local liberty groups on just this topic.

In September I expanded this blog into a website with the expert help of Scott Ross from Waves’ End. The website is The Voice of Liberty–you might notice the name in your browser. It contains the Reclaim the Blue blog and beginning this year will contain additional resources for continuing the fight for Liberty.


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