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An Encouraging Start

January 7, 2011

The news from D.C. today has been encouraging.

First, Speaker Boehner at least said all the right words in his opening remarks and I like it that “Young Gun” Eric Cantor was right there next to him. While the press focused on the negative (surprise!) regarding Fred Upton, what they failed to mention is the leadership positions taken by Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryun, Darryl Issa and other reform-minded Republicans.

Then there are the bills. The press was grilling Boehner about the number of transparent rules he would have and he shot back–very correctly–that after two years of total opacity (my word), they have no room to complain. But they’re mostly leftists and they will whine and snipe. I got a tweet that Republicans have introduced a bill to revoke the anchor baby citizenship rule. Absolutely the right thing to do: with modern transportation, women from all over the world are flying in just to have their babies here and confer citizenship. There’s even a growing market catering to these “birth tourists,” as they’re called.

The highlight is the promised one-page repeal of Obamacare. Everyone knows Obama will veto it but that’s not the point. It needs to be done every session until it passes. The people demand it. Harry Reid said it won’t pass the Senate. Maybe, maybe not.

The reading of the Constitution and all of the Amendments is historic. It is a shame that it’s the first time ever but consider: for many of the first years of the Republic it wasn’t necessary. Some Democrats–again, predictably–sniped at the process and complained that repealed phrases weren’t read; it wasn’t negative enough for them. What you might not have heard was that both Democrats and Republicans took turns reading parts of it and that it was done by volunteers¬† on a first-come, first-served basis. Even Pelosi read something after Boehner read the preamble. As far as I heard reported, she didn’t stumble or choke on the words; commendable because I expect it was the first time she’s read it.

I am very encouraged by all of this and I hope they keep it up. Do write to your new representatives and encourage them. The Democrats started complaining about “partisan bickering” even before things began. That’s fine, we expect that–the complaining, that is.

There is room for disagreement within the framework of the Constitution. What I hope this week brings home is that the Republic is not negotiable. There is no compromise on Constitutional principles.


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