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Democrats are Cowards

February 1, 2011

The conclusion is inescapable.

They talk about justice, but they fled the state of Wisconsin to avoid a vote on a bill they don’t like. Where did these cowards go? Rockford, IL–and caught on tape by the Rockford Tea Party. They went to a resort in Rockford, no less. This is what one of them called “standing with the people of Wisconsin.”

Only in a Big Brother, 1984 world.

Was it the people of Wisconsin who voted for Republican Governor Scott Walker, former County Executive of Milwaukee County, and the Republican majority in both houses of the Wisconsin legislature that they were standing with? No, it probably was the tiny minority of the people of Wisconsin who belong to unions. The unions who were incensed at having to pay a small fraction of their own retirement benefits. The unions who called in “sick” so they could flood the capitol and protest their benefits. So much for caring for the children they were hired to teach. Many even exploited their charges by bringing the children along to swell their numbers. Or maybe they supported the union thugs who went to Walker’s Wauwatosa home to threaten his family.

Their behavior is despicable and cowardly but hardly unique in the annals of the Democrat Party. Democrat legislators fled Texas for Oklahoma in May 2003 to avoid a redistricting vote. In New York in 2009, the Democrats tried to physically lock the senate chamber after Republicans suddenly gained control.

They constantly tell us that they are for justice and democracy, yet when the will of the voters doesn’t go their way, they just go. They try to play the system, to change the rules of the game–and when all else fails, they take their marbles and go home. In truth, they have no respect for the will of the people, for the rule of law, for justice or fair play.

This is what you get when you throw your vote away on a Democrat.

But here’s the really bad news: the president and his political action arm OFA are supporting and helping to organize the protests. Obama himself calls it an “assault on unions.”

In other words–his own words, more or less–if you mess with my homies (the unions), we’re going to get in your face because you’re the enemy. That’s a community organizer speaking, not a president of the United States.

I hope the duly-elected government of Wisconsin stands strong, like the famed Iron Brigade. If you’d like to stand with Wisconsin, please do so here, at least.


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