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Splitting the Vote

February 2, 2011

The Democrat socialist left’s spin machine is working overtime.

Lacking a natural majority in this country, they have been working hard to still ensure they win elections and continue to push the country away from its roots in freedom toward its vision of a socialist, statist utopia.

In 2008 they fooled the nation by running more like conservatives than traditional liberal socialists. Immediately  after taking office, however, they implemented their usual tax-and-spend game plan. Actually it was a clever variant of it: more like spend-and-tax. The American  people were not fooled and the Tea Party movement was the result.

Going into the 2010 elections, they tried a strategy of trying to split the vote by creating fake third-party Tea Parties, remembering that Perot’s third party enabled Clinton’s victories. It didn’t work for Alan Grayson in Florida although it may have helped save Harry Reid in Nevada.

Now we are seeing the next attempt to split the vote by the rise of so-called no party parties.

The idea is this: the majority of Americans know whether they are socialist liberals or conservatives. Pundits and pollsters believe that winning elections means winning the votes of those in the middle.

James Poulos of PJTV did an interview with self-proclaimed centrist Solomon Kleinsmith of A few minutes into the interview Kleinsmith says his favorite president is Progressive Teddy Roosevelt. Even though TR claimed not to be a socialist, he also said that rich people should use their wealth for the public good. Read the Progressive Party platform. Not centrist–progressive.

I received an email from a reader claiming to be centrist. She wrote that we could just all get together in a “common sense party.” But then she gave away the game by criticizing the most common sense conservative I know, Sarah Palin. When I called her on it the mask dropped and I received a reply filled with the usual socialist sarcasm and ad hominem attacks.

Do not be fooled. There is no middle ground, just those who don’t know what the stakes are or have not made up their mind which side they’re on.

  1. February 2, 2011 12:19 pm

    Well said, I just wish more folks would not be fooled every four or eight years with a flaming socialist pretends to be Ronald Reagan. They are trying to split us on every show I’ve seen in teh main stream media, every pundit on the left and every professional politician..they are on the same page….try and get conservatives to fight against each other, we CANNOT fall into this trap.

  2. February 3, 2011 11:50 am

    Boy is this one of the most stupid comments about me that I’ve seen around in a while, hahaha

    I agree that it is ridiculous to think that someone who actually thinks that Sarah Palin, or Alan Grayson, are common sense anythings is not someone I could work with on a general political level. The centrist who said that is just naive.

    All the center is is a range on the spectrum of political belief.

    • February 3, 2011 8:35 pm


      Google Alerts is a wonderful tool, eh?

      So if you don’t like the comment I made about your PJTV interview, please show me where I’m wrong. TR was, sadly because I admire a lot about him, a Progressive who founded the Progressive Party and ran on that ticket when he couldn’t get the Republican nomination. How is that centrist?

      Sure, many of us grew up believing, like Aristotle, in moderation. That’s a good thing when it comes to eating and drinking and a lot of other activities. But when it comes to political beliefs, do you believe people can and should be able to rule themselves (liberty) or that they’re not capable of self-rule and some wise experts need to do it for them (statism). How do you get in the middle of that? Can a woman be “kind of pregnant?”

      If you believe in liberty, every compromise results in less liberty.

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