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Stand with Wisconsin!

February 21, 2011

Wisconsin State Flag with motto

As we saw last week, Wisconsin Democrat senators fled the state rather than acquiesce to the rule of law which looked as though it would not go in their favor. Wisconsin teachers unions were being asked to sacrifice their privileged positions in society for the good of the state. How ironic that these advocates of the collective, these preachers of absolute equality, these people who will tell you that you must sacrifice for the common good will not themselves give an inch when their own narrow interests are at stake.

No less a liberal luminary than FDR declared that public unions were not a good thing. Public employees have no competition as workers in the free market have. They already enjoy the protections of the civil service organizations at the state and federal levels as well a numerous laws that regulate how they are treated in the workplace. It is public unions that have destroyed Greece, it is public teachers’ unions that have driven New Jersey to the brink of bankruptcy. Yet when asked to make moderate sacrifices, the teachers’ unions in Wisconsin balk.

The unions are bringing out all the big guns: Trumpka, Jackson. Even the president weighs in. Unions in Minnesota are organizing to send people to Madison; the Milwaukee school district shuts down. When the Madison school district went to court to force teachers to return to work, they were denied by a liberal judge. Union thugs make it personal by picketing the governor’s personal residence.

The rule of law is flouted in order to try to get their way. This must not be allowed to happen–and in fact, it is not going their way. America is still on the side of the governor, the state government and the rule of law. There are many things we can do:

  • If you’re a parent in Madison, keep your kids home rather than let them be used as pawns by union thugs
  • Support school boards in their efforts to bring order–demand that teachers return to work or be fired
  • Organize the recall of legislators who have abdicated the jobs the people have elected them to do
  • Support the police and the national guard, if they are called out

Outside the state, we can and must Stand with Wisconsin! This is a battle we, our children and the Republic cannot afford to lose.


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