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Obamacare for Colorado

March 22, 2011

Amazing as it may seem, the Colorado state House Republicans are negotiating with Governor Hickenlooper and the Senate Democrats to pass a key piece of Obamacare legislation: state health care exchanges. It is sponsored in the state senate by far left Senator Betty Boyd and in the House by Monument Representative and GOP Majority Leader Amy Stephens.

Called Senate Bill 200, this bill would:

  • Establish a quasi-governmental entity (think Post Office or Amtrak) and the governor will appoint the majority of a nine-member board of directors.  Hickenlooper is a single payer advocate.
  • Specifically references the Obamacare bill–which has already been ruled unconstitutional
  • Uses federal funds to implement–part of the $105 billion we’re trying to eliminate at the US Congress?

And there’s more–much more. This is an end-around the failure of the federal health care law by enacting one of  its key provisions at the state level. When Obamacare is eventually declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it won’t matter in Colorado because the Colorado legislature will have passed this bill. The states can do what the federal government cannot–think Romneycare. Does Colorado want Amycare?

The sad fact is that if all 33 GOP representatives stick together, the Democrats can pass nothing. This bill is not compromise, this is surrender.

New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Idaho have already said “No” to healthcare exchanges. Colorado must say no as well.

Tomorrow, March 23rd at 5:30 pm there will be a town hall meeting at El Paso County Headquarters at 205 Sutton Lane in the Springs. Come on down and remind the GOP why we elected them and what we’ve been fighting for.

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