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March 27, 2011

GuinessSaturday was a very sad day for my wife an I: we had to put our oldest cat to sleep. Guiness was almost fifteen, a respectable age for a cat. He’d been sick for quite some time. We had taken him to the vet, put him on antibiotics and tried everything we could. He had lost more than half his body mass; he was almost literally nothing but skin and bones. In the morning, he wasn’t eating or drinking and he could barely stand on wobbly hind legs. He meowed pitifully. Clearly it was time.

And yet, we found it hard to do. We know as Christians that animals are not people. People, being made in God’s image, have an immortal soul; animals do not. To put an animal down–especially to end its suffering–is the morally right thing to do. And yet, we found it hard. We knew we would miss him but it was him that we should be thinking about, not us.¬† Still, it was hard. He was a bit of an odd cat: loved to be around my wife but hid from everyone else, including me. I still found it hard to let him go.

Why am I writing about this on a political blog? It occurred to me that if we were the heartless conservative monsters we’re being told we are, it should have been easy. That it was not is a testament to the fact that liberal socialists have been telling lies about us. We conservatives understand that the Author of Life wants us to respect life: That’s why murder and suicide are wrong. That’s also why abortion, euthanasia and withholding treatment are wrong.

Yet Obamacare includes abortion, euthanasia and withholding treatment (the “Death Panels”). Christianity as well as other religions¬† believe that God has given us life and it is only God’s decision, not ours, when it should end. Socialists–especially Fabian socialists–believe that life should end when we are no longer useful to the collective or when the treatment is too costly for the collective to bear. The government will decide which treatments are allowed and under what circumstances. Antibiotics for a cat? Are we kidding? Impossible! Veterinary care is not included in the Obamacare bill. Yet. It is already being discussed.

No, it is not the conservatives who are the heartless monsters–it is the socialists who passed this healthcare law. It is not only unconstitutional because of the individual mandate, it is also immoral for its soul-killing provisions.

Guiness the Mighty Hunter

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