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It isn’t over in Wisconsin

April 4, 2011

Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” My corollary: It’s never over. Nowhere is that more true than in Wisconsin.

Fiscal conservatives thought they won the war when the Wisconsin legislature passed their bill to restrict collective bargaining by public employees. Yet it was only a battle, and the left, whose primary base of support is unions and unions dues, are fighting back hard. The effort is broad and deep.

First is a legal challenge to the law. Leftist judge Maryann Sumi, who in February refused to order teachers back to work, just Friday issued a temporary restraining order to prevent Secretary of State Doug La Follette from publishing the bill while she reviews the case. Read about it in the Wall Street Journal. You may appreciate these facts related to the legal challenge:

  • Judge Sumi’s son, Jacob “Jake” Sinderbrand, is a field operative for SEIU. Read about him here.
  • The Dane County District Attorney, Ismael Ozanne, filed the suit. He’s another leftist appointed by former Democrat Governor Jim Doyle.
  • The suit prevents Secretary of State Doug La Follette–you guessed it, another leftist–from acting on the bill.

Any fair-minded judge would have recused herself from the case because of the obvious conflict of interest. But for leftist, activist judges this is the perfect opportunity to make law. Morals are for sissies–and conservatives.

Why is a county DA filing a lawsuit?  Because that’s what Democrat lawyers do when the people, through their legislators, pass laws they don’t like. Shouldn’t this be going through the state courts? I would think so;  State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican, will appeal the judge’s restraining order.

Finally, who is Secretary of State Doug La Follette? His resume describes him as an environmental activist first and politician second. He is clearly thrilled at not having to act on the bill. (For those unfamiliar with Wisconsin politics, Doug La Follette–a Democrat– is the great-grandson of Republican Progressive Robert M. La Follette. )

It was Governor Doyle’s deficit that got Wisconsin into this budget mess in the first place. And so just as when the tide goes out leaving debris on the shore, so also the detritus of former progressive Democrat administrations litters the political scene in Wisconsin.

Next: recall efforts.


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