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Heritage, Transparency and SB-200

April 25, 2011

GOP House Leadership bases their support for SB-200 establishing health care exchanges, in part, on the support they feel the Heritage Foundation has given the concept. I copy here the concluding paragraphs from Heritage’s newsletter, The New Common Sense, from April 19. The topic was transparency:

“An open process was missing in the Obamacare debate; and many members of Congress lost their jobs because of it. The American people were informed of the issues in the health care bill. They rejected the bureaucratic control of medical treatment. They held the individual mandate to be a gross violation of liberty and the Constitution. They told their Representatives and Senators not to vote for the bill. They marched to the Capitol to protest the bill. In the end, the House and Senate pushed it through anyway. When the American people came to the polls in 2010, they remembered who had violated their consent.

Consent of the governed is first expressed in elections, but it does not begin and end on Election Day. It is a continuous process expressed through the legislative branch, where the American people voice their opinions on policies, persuade their members to vote for or against legislation, petition their government for redress of grievances, and remain engaged in the political debates.”

In Colorado, the People have been energized. They are paying attention and remaining engaged. What does leadership think will happen to them in 2012 if they conspire to push through healthcare exchanges?


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