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My 2012 Prediction

May 31, 2011

The press is trying hard to call the Republican race for the 2012 presidential nomination before it’s even begun. I suppose it is inevitable, given the surety on the Democrat side. There’s no story there. Still, they seem like a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Just as soon as a new name is thrown into the water they converge, telling us why that person can’t win. When someone (Christie, Huckabee) decides not to run, they tell us why it would have been a bad idea to run—confirming the decision and trying to make sure they don’t change their minds.

Here’s what I see happening, based on what we saw in 2010 and have heard so far this year.

We already know that the establishment media is still in love with Obama and that unions will marshal their considerable resources along with Organizing for Obama (OFA) and the seriously well-organized and aligned resources of the DNC. We are also already seeing that their guns are aimed at anyone who dares to stick his or her head up to declare against the Chosen One.

How will they attack? It will be extremely negative. They have nothing they can campaign on. It will be modeled on the lies, exaggerations and misrepresentations we saw in the Colorado senate campaign. There is nothing they won’t say or do in order to win. The biggest victim will be the truth. DNC Chair Wasserman-Schutz is the primary example of that.

So here is my prediction. If we are to get the thugs out of government, we must of course win the presidency. The only way to do that is by a team effort. Republicans cannot unfairly attack each other. In fact, it will have to be more like a bicycle race, in which the leader breaks the headwind while the others draft on the leader until it is time to sprint for the finish line.

Donald Trump provided a great lead diversion; too bad it’s over already. It might be that Sarah Palin has taken the new lead with her bus tour. We shall see. The object is to keep them guessing as long as possible.

United we stand; divided we fall.

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