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Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules

June 14, 2011

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today reported that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled to reinstate the collective bargaining law passed by the Wisconsin legislature in March and block almost immediately by liberal activist judge Marianne Sumi, whose son is a union activist. Importantly, the court wrote that:

choices about what laws represent wise public policy for the state of Wisconsin are not within the constitutional purview of the courts.

That should be obvious but these days it needs to be said. Further, the court

…concluded that Sumi exceeded her jurisdiction, “invaded” the Legislature’s constitutional powers and erred in halting the publication and implementation of the collective bargaining law.

That should be the end of it but it won’t be. Nine state senators–six Republicans and three Democrats–face recall elections this summer. Democrat lawyers are busy preparing a host of other lawsuits. For decades now, the left has tried to use the courts to enact their agenda when they couldn’t get it through the legislature.

Stand with the people of Wisconsin–because tyranny never sleeps.

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