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Sen. Bennett Doesn’t want to know

June 19, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged readers to answer a poll put out by Sen Bennet about deficit reduction. Apparently, he didn’t want to get responses that conflicted with his (or perhaps his party handlers’) preconceived notions about what the right policy is.

I was automatically unsubscribed from his newsletter.

I thought it must have been some kind of mistake, perhaps I’d just clicked the wrong button or something. In the end, clearly I had. So when I got the unsubscribe verification email, I re-subscribed.

This week I got another poll. This time it was about the safety of medicines and the solution was that the FDA should have more power to inspect drugs. (Don’t they already have this power?) Here’s question one:

What approach would you take to ensure greater safety of pharmaceutical drugs?

  • The government needs to inspect drug and drug ingredient facilities more to ensure safety and quality
  • The pharmaceutical industry needs to inspect their own ingredient facilities more to ensure safety and quality
  • There needs to be a hybrid approach of public and private solutions to ensure safety and quality
  • Other
  • No action

I know what his answer is: more government. It’s always more government. Since I’m not sure there really is a problem, I checked “No action.” Bingo! Immediately unsubscribed. No chance to answer question two. This time I figured out what was going on.

His email says:

Please take a moment to answer the following survey to send your message to Washington. I will share the results online to begin a longer discussion regarding this topic.

I’ll bet he will. I bet I know what the results will be and what his position is. Further, I’ll bet the position is already drafted. A real open-minded kind of guy.

The header of Sen Bennet’s email newsletter says “U.S. Senator for Colorado.” I think not. Water carrier for the left is more like it. Agree with him or don’t bother voicing your opinion.

This time I think I’ll stay unsubscribed.

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