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A Taste of Tavern-Style Politics

June 29, 2011

by David Kelly

Getting a taste of tavern style politics, Colorado House Majority Leader, Amy Stephens (R-Monument) found herself answering questions from liberty lovers at Tuesday evening’s Colorado Springs Liberty on the Rocks (LOTR) meeting. Ironically, Stephens’s first visit to LOTR followed less than one week from the publication of the Colorado Springs Independent article that featured the turmoil in the El Paso County GOP. In that article, Amy was quoted as blaming libertarians within the Liberty movement for the open rebellion.

Unlike the one-sided town hall meeting that Amy Stephens held in March where constituents had little chance of airing their concerns about AmyCare–SB200–LOTR’s 30-second soapbox proved that freedom of speech would prevail; this was a perfect opportunity for many to finally be heard. Kanda Calef thanked Stephens for attending and then boldly asked Stephens to respond to a few questions regarding SB200.

Amy took the floor and responded as the questions brought out passionate debate and at times jeering from those witnessing this spontaneous unscripted discourse. Stephens pointed out that it was a State’s Rights issue. At one point during her defensive response, a gentleman could take no more political double-speak and called out her comment as being “B.S.” This provoked Amy Stephens to agree and she changed her tune while still floating her hubris-infected explanation.

Stephen’s refused to discuss other legislation and threatened to step down and end the debate saying that she wasn’t here to be grilled. She did accept questions on SB200 during the half hour debate, which many in attendance felt were not answered but filled instead with political bloviating. Amy proved that she is a seasoned politician who is ill- informed, lacking empirical knowledge while ignoring the true pulse of her constituents.

If anything, Stephens now knows that the Liberty movement does not reside in the fantasy land of Libertopia, but is alive and well in communities across this nation. Passionate political activists live there and will succeed in bringing individual liberties and freedoms back to our Republic.

David Kelly runs the Colorado Springs chapter of Liberty on the Rocks, which meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month, usually at the Dublin House.


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