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Migration to the New Voice of Liberty

July 3, 2011

Over the next few days I’m again expanding the scope of this site.

In November 2008 I started the Reclaim the Blue blog. Then last fall I expanded the blog to include the audio files of the radio broadcasts I was doing at the time. The result was The Voice of Liberty website. The blog’s name remains and is forwarded to the new VoL site.

In the meantime, I have served as a writer and assistant editor for The Constitutionalist Today as well as other online news outlets such as the Peoples’ Press Collective. With the demise of The Constitutionalist Today, I became Editor in Chief of The Patriot Today and we published two highly regarded issues this spring. Unfortunately, this newspaper also fell victim to the poor economy as ad revenues to support a print edition were not forthcoming.

Over the past two years I have been privileged to work with a very large number of talented Colorado writers who need and deserve a platform to express their facts, observations, ideas, opinions, and reports. Print media is simply too costly. Online we can reach a larger and potentially unlimited audience, quickly. So beginning this 4th of July weekend a new Voice of Liberty news magazine-style website will replace the current blog-centric site.

As the movement to restore the American republic grows and matures, we plan to record and chronicle that movement.


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